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Did You Know!

The sun is 93 million miles away from earth, And it will be shining for the next 5 billion years!

My New Solar Project 

Hello again 

Last year (2011) I  started to build a new grid tie solar system,

My system when built will put power in to the home power grid, so it will save money on the electric bill and also help the environment.

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Below is the solar array site,

 This is a south facing site, so the solar panels will get plenty of sun? 



Solar panels are a good investment yes they are expensive but they are guaranteed from 20 to 25 years and should last over 30 plus years .

I have installed 2 x 200 watt panels this year (2011) and hopefully more next year, also I am going to buy a 1250 watt grid tie inverter this year. But first I have to build a frame for the panels to sit on, I am going to build a frame for 2 panels first then expand the frame as needed.

I will be updating the photos as I proceed with the build?


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Below is the progress I have made so far,

The date is February 2011


Above are my first two new 200 watt solar panels

They were fitted November 2011

So will have to wait till spring to see what sort of power they are producing?


February 2012

Below are my 2 new 230w solar panels i have now got 1030 watt in total and on a good day i am producing (saving) over 3 kw

To the right of the picture is the start of my new project solar water heater system at the moment it is covered up as i have not connected to the anything. as i will have to save up and buy a new tank and controls etc.





My New Transport

I have now got a TGA Electro bike (battery bike) it has a 20mile range and a top speed of 12mph It is great for nipping down to the shops etc and this bike is charged up via my solar battery system so it is totally free transport.


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