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Introducing The Worlds First

Gold-Backed Savings Plan.

GOLD is a Global Currency

and has been for over 2,600 years.


You may think GOLD is expensive now:


The COST of gold has more than tripled in the last ten years from just under $400 an ounce in 2001 to around $1350 an ounce today. But… gold has not increased in VALUE - it just costs MORE of our depreciating FIAT currency to buy the same amount of gold. FIAT currency equals  Government declared legal tender.


You may think OIL is expensive now:


In fact it has reached an all time high of $100 a barrel recently, reflected in our petrol and diesel prices, but again… oil has merely held its VALUE – it just costs more of our FIAT currency to buy it.


It may surprise you to know that the same amount of GOLD will buy the same amount of OIL today… as it did 60 years ago!!


The same amount of GOLD that would have bought you a ‘Ford Tin Lizzy’  in 1908 – about $850 worth then - would have bought you a ‘Ford Mondeo’ in 2008!




Introducing The Worlds First

Gold-Backed Savings Plan


KB Edelmetall GMBH – a 16 year old German Company with their own Gold Mine AND Gold Refinery –  have introduced Kinebar Quality, 999.9 Fine Gold Bullion, in small weights, to the masses. This GOLD is in small denominations that will not only hold its value but also can be used as currency in times of crisis.


You can now exchange your FIAT currency for KB GOLD Currency from as little as 50 Euro (about £45) – you can make regular monthly payments as well as ‘one off’ and ‘periodic or irregular’ payments to suit your budget.

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