The Secret To Your Success is in Your Daily Routine!

I know you have heard this over and over again. You have probably tried many things and ended up spending a lot of money on plans or programs that you just couldn't figure out or just plain don't work for most people.

Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt...

Hi, My name is Margaret Albright.

If you are willing to try one more time, I have to tell you, you will be pleasantly surprised. I have put together a system that anyone with a computer can do. No prior experience is needed. The learning curve is so small you already know how to do it.

I have to tell you a little background info about me before I tell you about my system. Why? So you will understand where I stand and not be afraid to give it a go.

I tried for years and years to create an online business. I spent a ton of money. Bought several gigabytes of ebooks, lots of software, several different hosting plans and over a hundred domain names. I signed up for every affiliate program that I ran across, tried ebay and clickbank. You name it, I tried it. (I did make money with ebay but it sure was a lot of hard work.)

I know, I know, everyone has the same sob story, right? Well, my story is a little different.

I didn't hit upon the ultimate plan that started bringing in millions over night. I know this is different from all the hype you read everyday but I believe honesty will prevail and you don't need a big hyped story to be convinced that I have a good system. I believe the truth is a better approach.

While I was working hard, selling things on ebay, I became obsessed with learning how things worked online. I taught myself how to write HTML because I couldn't afford FrontPage or Dreamweaver and there wasn't a good, free editor available as far as I knew.

So, anyway, I taught myself HTML and created my own website. Learned how to do all the SEO stuff and started making some real money. (Don't worry, you don't have to learn HTML or any SEO stuff.) I was so excited, I finally figured it out!

I don't want to bother you with my whole story if you aren't interested so I'm not going to go on and on about me here. If you are interested in learning more about my story, you can find the extended version here with pictures and everything. (When you are done there, close that window and you will be back here)

So, let's get back to what I can do for you...

I was asked, by many people, to figure out some way for you to have an online business without creating and maintaining a website. For a lot of people there just isn't enough time in a day to take care of the job, the family, the house and still work on a website.

I know exactly where you are coming from. I was in that same predicament for a long time.

So I asked those people to tell me what they were looking for, details please...

This is what I got:

  • An online business that didn't require they have their own website
  • No hosting or domain name needed
  • No more work than about one hour each day
  • No lengthy set up time
  • Little or no start up costs
  • No maintenance required
  • No contacting anyone
  • No trying to convince anyone to buy anything
  • Nothing that has to involve friends or family participation
  • Something that will produce an ongoing, residual income
  • Something that will start producing results quickly
  • Easy work that will not stress you out
  • No confusing learning process
  • And Finally - Real help and SUPPORT!

That is One Tall Order!

I didn't think this was possible. If it were, wouldn't someone already have it in place? With all the money making plans out there, surely someone smarter than me would have created such a program if it were possible.

Well I thought about it at great length. I tried many, many different ideas but all of them fell short in one respect or another. And then, finally... Believe it or not, I figured it out. I actually created a system that fits all of the above. I surprised myself with this one. lol

This is so easy to do. If you can click a mouse, you can do it.

The coolest thing, in my opinion, is this system will only work if you are helping other people. I am a firm believer that the more you give, the more you get back. This is how I run my life and it has proven to be true throughout.

You do not have to help other people, personally. I do that.

You will offer this system to people who are looking for this exact system. (I'll show you where they are and how you can present this system to them in an anonymous way.) They will sign up and help other people find this system. The more people you help, the more money you make. There will never be a time when there are too many people involved. Over saturation is impossible.

I know... it sounds crazy! I wouldn't believe it either if I were in your place.

So, how am I going to convince you that I am for real and my system fits all the above criteria? That's the one thing I haven't figured out yet. lol

Seriously, I could use all the hype words and tell you that you just have to try this but you would then put me in the same category with all the con artists and shysters out there and leave.

This is about the best I can do:

I will explain the entire system to you. Right here, right now. No secrets, no tricks. You can see for yourself how sweet this system is and you will completely understand why it works before you ever decide to trust me and move forward.

Fair enough?

OK... So right about now I am thinking I should ask you for your name and email address so I can contact you later, just in case you get tired of reading this and go do something else. But then I thought you would just think I am another one of those people and leave anyway. So, I am not going to ask you for that information just yet. If you are getting tired of reading this or are running short of time, you can bookmark this page and come back to it later.

Be forewarned though, I will ask you for that information eventually. Not so I can beg you to buy stuff or try harder to convince you to work with me. By the time you finish reading this, you will not need to be convinced, nor will I have any need to sell you anything. I will ask you for your name and email address so I can send you my business guide and you can get started working with me. You will want to give me your info when we get to that point.

About my Business Guide...

It is a short, 7 page guide. It will give you the links to the programs I am going to outline in the explanation below. It will also teach to you how to separate a "Good Opportunity" from a "Great Opportunity" so you will be sure you are joining a great opportunity.

Let's face it. There are probably a lot of "good" business opportunities out there today. But what turns a good opportunity into a truly incredible opportunity? When you're considering joining a new business, there are 3 critical things you need to consider. You will find out what those 3 things are once you get my guide.

It is a Free Guide.

I know this is getting long and you are probably wondering when I am going to try to sell you something. Well, I don't have anything to sell you. As you read about the system below you will find out that there is one program that we work with that will eventually cost you a fee to continue your participation. You will not need to pay this fee until after you have proven to yourself that you will be able to make money with this system. You can try the system for 30 days absolutely free. After that the expenses are very low.

The System:

I am going to try to explain this to you the best way I can without revealing too much and messing things up for you. It is vital that you do not join anything until you get your guide or you may disqualify yourself from the system. As you are reading this, you may think I am being too evasive and this must be another scam. The reason I can't tell you the exact programs that we work with in the system is because your success and the success of everyone before you and after you depends on you joining the programs from the guide.

It will all come clear to you before long so, please just hang in there and trust me for a little while longer. Know that I hate the fact that I can't reveal it all here just as much as you hate being left in the dark. So, please accept my apologies while you finish reading about the system.

The basic outline...

I have found several online businesses that all work together to produce a fast and easy working system. I will be showing you how to find the people that are looking for this exact system and you will not have to personally present this system to any of them.

Most of the businesses will offer you the venue for your free advertising. I will give you step by step instructions for you to set up the part that I can't do for you. I have tried and true advertisements for you to use so you don't have to figure out 'how to do it' or 'what to say', just follow the free instructions.

One of the businesses, the meat of this system, is free to join for your first 30 days. After that it will cost you $17.95 each month to continue.
This 'meat of the system' business has a superior affiliate program that goes 10 levels deep.
You will be able to prove to yourself that this system works and many members do actually see a profit before you pay to upgrade.

If you follow the system and put in one hour of work each day, you will probably see several subscribers and at least one new personal referral before a month passes. Some members see many more than this.

This business will produce an awesome income for anyone who puts a little effort into promoting it. Not overnight though. This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme. It does produce a steady, growing income. How quickly it grows depends on how much time and effort you put into it. One hour a day produces good results. If you have more time, your business will grow faster.

How to promote is the problem that most people run into. That is where my system comes in. You don't have to try to figure anything out. I wrote the website, splash pages and guide that will promote the system for you. You advertise your splash pages and the system will do the rest.

You don't have to find people to give the guide to. There is an endless supply of people online everyday looking for money making opportunities. These people are using the traffic exchanges trying to drum up business for their offer and checking out other offers at the same time.

Most people give up on their current offer and jump to another and another and another because they are not seeing results quick enough. That sets you up for a huge amount of new sign ups real fast because my splash pages get a higher than normal response.

The good news is, they will not search for another program after they have started with this system because they will see good results and great support. Once they start getting people to sign up, they will keep going because they will see that this system is the real thing.

Think about it, why do people stop working on a program? It's because they are not getting anywhere. You don't stop doing what works, do you? Of course not. Neither will the people that you refer. This is such a "No Brainer" that anyone can do it and everyone who does do it will see success.

The best news is, you don't have to figure out how to start or how to set anything up. I do all that for you.

I will be setting up a series of email messages in your autoresponder that will help people decide to join my program from your link. It is not hard to get people to join because they will be reading this information on your website. (Don't worry about your autoresponder, it's part of the system)

Everything you do each day will multiply over and over again. You will start receiving large, weekly and monthly checks for all the efforts of other people.

How can that be?

Every program in the system offers you rewards for referring other people. Either monetary rewards or advertising credits. Everything your referrals do will result in one of the above rewards for you.

Eventually you will have a huge organization of people working for you as they work for themselves. You will get to the point when your one hour a day is actually producing results that could only be produced if you worked 24 hours a day. Still doing your simple, one hour job.

All you do is join the programs outlined in your guide. Send me your ID's from the various programs so I can rebrand your guide and set up your website, autoresponder and splash pages. Then you surf the traffic exchanges for one hour a day. That is all you do! That is your job.

People will see your splash pages, click on the link, read this information, join your autoresponder and get your guide. They will soon see how simple this system is and how quickly they can start a real internet business that produces real results. They will join the programs from your links and you make money.

This happens over and over again. For you and for all the people you refer for ten levels deep!!!

I am sure you are starting to see how all this will add up quickly. If you do your daily 'work' you will soon have a huge organization of people under you, working for you, making you the BIG paychecks that you desire.

Now here is the greatest part of this system... Almost everyone that reads this website and gets the guide, joins the system. Those who don't join are very rare. Unfortunately for them, they can not see the awesome profit potential in this system. It isn't a problem for you though because most people can see the opportunity they are facing and they will join.

Once a person signs up and gets started and takes their new business seriously, they rarely quit. This is because they are making money very easily. You don't quit a good paying job that only takes one hour of your time each day.

I hope you are seeing the huge, profitable business you have sitting in front of you right now.

I am getting to the point where I am going to ask you for your name and email address. Just thought I would warn you so you will be ready.  :)

So, when you give me your name and email address, I will give you the guide with all the programs in it. You will read the guide and join the programs. You will send me your ID's from the programs and I will get your system set up for you.

  • I will create a duplicate website just like this one for you. I will host it on my server under my domain so you do not have any of those costs or concerns.
  • I will create splash pages for you to use in your advertising. Just like the splash page that was used to get you here to read this. I host these as well.
  • I will create an autoresponder series for you to use to follow up on the leads you get from this website. You don't have to worry about what you are going to say to people, it is all in your autoresponder.
  • I will make you a personal copy of the guide with all your links to the programs. When you give the guide to someone, they are joining the system through your links and you are making the money for your efforts.
  • I will answer all questions from your prospects and referrals, you don't have to worry about anyone contacting you asking for answers that you don't have.
  • You will get, super easy to understand, instructions on how to do your part of the set up. If you get confused and need help, I am almost always available to help. Remember, this is what I do for a living so you don't have to wait long for help.
  • There is a private, members only forum for all members of My Instant Biz. You will find lots of helpful and successful members waiting there to help you. You are not alone with My Instant Biz. Join our successful community.

Ready? Fill your information in the red box below. You will be joining an autoresponder. This means you will have to confirm your request in an email that you will get after you click on the button. You can cancel this autoresponder series at any time with one simple click.


Email must be valid or you will not get your guide.

DO NOT use AOL, Yahoo mail or Comcast or you will not get my messages. They rarely deliver anything that comes from an autoresponder. Get gmail, it's free and you get to decide who you want mail from. AOL will no longer deliver my emails at all.

Your information will never be shared, sold or rented to anyone for any reason. Each message you ever receive from me will have an instant click, unsubscribe link. If you ever decide you no longer want to hear from me you can instantly unsubscribe and never get another message.

Not ready yet? If you are still concerned that there is some unanswered secret here or you just need more information, send me an email and I will clear things up for you. Bookmark this page first so you can find your way back here when you are ready to join.
Write to admin @ myinstant .biz (remove the spaces)
Put 'About The System' in your subject line so you don't get dumped into a junk folder in my email box. (This is not an autoresponder. This is my direct email address.)

P.S. This is not a limited time offer. The problem with waiting is you are passing up a great opportunity to start a real online business today. If you decide to wait, you will probably lose this page or forget about it. If you are lucky enough to find your way back here in a few months or a year later and then get started, you will be kicking yourself for not starting sooner.

P.P.S. There isn't going to be a stupid 'one time offer' when you click the button above. I have nothing better to offer you. There isn't any upgrade or platinum package. There is only one system and it is free for anyone to try. You will not have to commit to any payments until you are sure this is the right program for you.

I hope to be working with you very soon,
Margaret Albright

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